Welcome to Raising Rookies - The Parent’s Playbook

How early should I start putting my kids in sports? When should kids start strength training? How many miles is it okay for kids to run? Should my kid play one sport year round or a variety of sports? Will my kid be behind if they don’t pick a sport to specialize in early on? Do I need to spend money on a personal trainer for my kids? What should they eat before a game? During a game? After a GAME???

When did athletics become so complicated? Despite the current complexities, we still love sports, and we will encourage our kids to participate in athletics and other types of physical activity. Raising Rookies is a resource that gives insight to the questions above and fosters relationships between parents and children through an active lifestyle.

John Wooden once said, “Being a role model is the most powerful form of educating.” We believe parents are a child’s first coaches. Raising Rookies is built upon the mission to help parents develop young athletes in a constructive, fun environment using professional tools and knowledge. Through research, knowledge from the best coaches and athletes, and our own personal experiences with our children, we have created a community that promotes both general physical activity and strives to improve athletic performance in youth. As former collegiate athletes we value our experiences in sports, but now we are parents of three busy, BUSY kids and we want to give them a positive introduction to physical health and athletics.


What else are we about?

We value the fun, fulfillment and life lessons that come through participation in athletics.

We value both creative, active play and parent guided activities.

We value hard work, consistency, and professionalism.

We value participation in a variety of sports and believe training should be conducted with the athlete’s long term welfare in mind.

We value striving for excellence while maintaining balance in our lives.

As a parent, you may fit into one of these categories:

  • You played sports in high school and/or college and you have kids who like sports
  • You played sports in HS and/or college and you have kids who do NOT like sports...yet
  • You like sports but did not play competitively and you have kids who like sports
  • You did NOT play sports and your kids don’t like sports BUT you understand the value of physical activity 
  • Any other combination of parents and kids and their relationship to sports and activity ...

Whatever your situation is, Raising Rookies is for parents who are navigating the world of youth sports and physical activity. Think of it as an accessible and affordable playbook for parents and athletes to develop and improve athletic performance at every level. Sports performance facilities are few and far between in rural, farming communities like where we grew up. Lack of time and finances get in the way for some parents who want more for their kids. Raising Rookies provides ideas and affordable programs for parents to implement with children, and it is conveniently accessible. Twenty minutes each day or even a few times a week spent with kids on an athletic skill or strength can prepare youth for future athletic endeavors.

Another popular question we have heard many times: Shouldn't kids just play outside and have fun? Absolutely! They should run and jump and eat dirt and roll in the grass. And ours do. We know we'll have some who say we shouldn’t be “training” kids at such and such age. We promote activity because currently the average screen time for an American child is exceeding the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendation of one hour per day for kids under age 5. Also, according to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) the childhood obesity rate is now 18.5% and affects 13.7 million kids and adolescents. It is also recommended that kids should have 60 minutes of active play a day. That play can be structured or unstructured, and we believe that BOTH are beneficial in building strong minds and bodies.

Think of Raising Rookies as a parent’s playbook for youth sports and avtivity. You’ll find instructional videos, insights from former competitive athletes and coaches, nutrition basics and more. We are organized and purposeful with our approach to training youth. Training should be age appropriate in terms of difficulty and in time spent. We strive to develop the following physical categories at every age:

  • balance
  • coordination
  • stability
  • strength
  • power
  • speed
  • agility
  • flexibility

Don't worry, emotional, mental and even spiritual growth will not be neglected. We love music, dance, literature, cooking, art, cars, travel, and more! We played multiple sports, multiple musical instruments and were very involved with our community and church while growing up. We believe in being well rounded and exposing our children to multiple opportunities and experiences that promote growth. BUT… We. Love. Sports. Participation in sports teaches life lessons, prepares an individual for a lifetime of physical activity, and can be valuable time spent with family. 

Follow the journey and join the Raising Rookies community. Watch for our Rookie Challenges on Instagram @raisingrookies, subscribe to find instructional videos on YouTube, and email us any questions at raisingrookies@gmail.com

Parents, let’s build strong families AND active kids. We are raising the next generation of athletes, and more importantly, we are raising the next generation of capable, strong, confident, kind and resilient humans. Let’s prepare them for the challenges they will face out in the world.