Home Based Athletics - Week 6

From TCFS - Virtual Kids Camp

We are LOVING the summer weather here in Washington! We have hiked and biked, played catch, hit buckets of wiffle balls, dribbled a soccer ball and have run through multiple speed and strength drills to keep our minds and bodies active. Covid-19 has brought some terrible circumstances upon many, but we choose to see the good - look how much time parents get to spend developing their relationships with their kids! And if you are looking to develop those relationships through sport, you’ve come to the right place. Check out what we have for you this week:

Lacrosse Basics with Coach Christy VanDerwerken

This active mom of four beautiful daughters knows a thing or two about girls’ lacrosse. Christy has played and/or coached for 25 years, and loves sharing the sport with youth.

Watch this video for cradling, fielding ground balls, and catching drills that can be done at home or on a nearby athletic field.


The Beep Test

What is the beep test? The beep test, or pacer test, is a 20 meter shuttle run that is timed to a recording of beeps. The athlete runs from one cone to the other, and back, attempting to reach each cone before the beep sounds. As the test goes on, the time between beeps decreases, and the athlete's speed increases, making it harder and harder to beat the beep as the test goes on. More details are explained in this video. Be sure to check out the links in the description for scoring help and other resources!

My daughter, Carrera, and I performed the test twice. Here is a look at our experience with the beep test!


For more athletic activities to do at home check out Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4, and Week 5. Or visit our Instagram @raisingrookies . Let's keep our kids active this week!