Home Based Athletics - Week 3

We are rolling right into summer! We are disappointed that a lot of our favorite sporting events aren’t happening right now (Where are our baseball fans?) but we have a lot to look forward to in the future! To the athletes who were going to be participating in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, we look forward to seeing you compete in 2021.

Professional soccer player and Olympic gold medalist, Stephanie Cox, has provided soccer skills for both beginner and more advanced athletes this week. We also have five new agility ladder movements and a dynamic warmup that can be done stationary (in a small amount of space) or outdoors. Let’s keep our kids moving this week!

Active games

Easter is fast approaching and we have come up with easy, active games using only plastic Easter eggs and a few household items. Feel free to use balls if you do not have plastic eggs at home.

1) Easter Egg Color Match Race

2) Easter Egg Roll

3) Egg Spoon Race

4) Egg Says...


Sports skills and drills

Soccer Skills from professional soccer player and Olympic gold medalist Stephanie Cox

Stephanie Cox is a mother of two, wonderful coach, and a professional soccer player for the OL Reign in Tacoma, Washington. Just as so many of our athletes are sidelined right now, she and her teammates are unable to practice together. She has provided skills to work on at home during g this time! Watch the video for both beginner and more advanced footwork drills.


Agility Ladder

We are building a library of agility ladder exercises that can be strung together or mixed up to provide your favorite footwork drills. Cue your athletes to stay on the balls of their feet, move their hands athletically by their sides, and keep the head and chest up. Teach the movements correctly and enforce correct execution before adding foot speed. Here are the new movements for this week:

1) Two Forward One Back

2) 180’s

3) Lateral In In Out Out

4) Two Feet Lateral In Out

5) Two Backward One Forward


Dynamic Warmup

A proper warmup is necessary before beginning physical activity and exercise, especially for youth! We prevent injury and prime the muscles and joints to respond well to the load we put on them.

Here is a dynamic warmup for young athletes to perform before they begin athletic training at home. It can be done stationary (in a small amount of space) or can be done in motion (back and forth in the backyard).

Perform at least thirty seconds of each exercise before moving on to your workout for the day.


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