Home Based Athletics - Week 2

From TCFS - Virtual Kids Camp

We have some GREAT things in store for you in the way of exercise and active play this week.

Parents, below you’ll find videos of:

1) active games for your pre-k youth, and,

2) drills that introduce common athletic movements, including agility and plyometric movements.


For your younger, rambunctious children who are used to hitting the public playground daily, watch the video below for some fun, creative games to play in the backyard.

1) Move Like A...: Crab, flamingo, bear! We put together easy animal movements for your kids to follow.

2) Backyard Superheroes: The mission for your superheroes is to rescue all of the citizens from the burning building! In other words, have your kids race from one point to the other, retrieve a stuffed animal or toy, then return to the start. Repeat until all of the toys have been retrieved. For a homemade SUPERHERO CAPE like Roman’s: Cut the sleeves off of an old t-shirt. Then cut up both sides. Cut a cape shape by leaving one half in tact and cutting around the collar/neckband of the shirt.

3) Backyard Mini Golf: Use cardboard, wood, cups, Hotwheels race tracks, bats, brooms, wiffle balls, cones, pool noodles, or ANYTHING you have on hand to build your own mini golf course. Our kids are not seasoned golfers, which is apparent in the video, but they REALLY had a lot of fun. They enjoyed building and rebuilding the course and attempting to scoot their ball through various tunnels and paths.



Agility ladder: Adding to our agility ladder drills from last week, here are five new movements for your athletes to master. Perform each exercise five times. Reminders for your athletes are to stay on the balls of the feet, keep the hands athletic and next to the sides, and teach the importance of quality repetitions before adding speed. If you do not have an agility ladder, order one here or simply use chalk or tape. This week's drills:

1) One In One Out Side Step

2) Lateral Two Feet In

3) Crossover

4) Lateral Two Feet High Knees

5) Load - Unload


Intro Agility and Plyometric Drills: We put together some of our favorite athletic drills that require only a small backyard or other area. In the video you will find the following drills that will help improve your athlete's footwork, agility, reaction time, focus and coordination over time.


1) 5-10-5 Shuttle Drill: Also known as the Pro Agility Drill, this can be used for athletes of all ages and ability levels. PLEASE COMPLETE A 10-15 MINUTE DYNAMIC WARMUP BEFORE SPRINTING. Set three cones in a straight line, five yards apart. Begin by facing the middle cone (or line if on a football field), with the fingers of one hand touching the ground (use the hand in which direction you are going to run toward first). On "go", sprint to one of the outside cones, come to a quick stop and touch the line with your outside hand. As quickly as possible, sprint to the other outside cone and touch the line, again with the outside hand. Sprint back to the middle, sprinting PAST the middle cone, decelerating once you've cleared the middle. Beginners perform 5x, advanced athletes perform 8-10x. If the drill takes an athlete 6 seconds to complete, rest for about 20 seconds (or three times the amount of time you spent working).

2) Sprint - Back Pedal - Sprint: Set four cones in a straight line, five yards apart. Begin at the first cone, and on "go" sprint to the THIRD cone. Decelerate and stop quickly, then immediately back pedal to the second cone. Once you reach the second cone, set the feet and explode into a sprint through the fourth cone.

3) Broad Jumps: We are mixing in a few plyometric movements to slow things down and work on body control. For broad jumps, cue your athletes to swing their arms for momentum, land "softly" from heel to toe with the knees slightly bent, and keep the head, eyes and chest up.

4) Four Cone Drill: There are many variations to this cone setup. In the video we begin at the lower left cone and - sprint forward, lateral shuffle to the right, back pedal, lateral shuffle to the left, then sprint through and decelerate safely.

5) Explosive Jumps: Again, these simple plyo movements promote body awareness and control. For these jumps, swing the arms for momentum and establish a rhythm. The athlete tries to jump as high as possible while maintaining balance.

6) Single Leg Hops: My daughter came up with this drill and executed it pretty well, so we included it in this workout. Single leg hops are performed over a distance. Place cones (like in video) five yards apart and challenge your athlete to jump over the cones. Single leg work is applicable to so many explosive sports and should be included in training often. Perform on both dominant and non-dominant legs.

7) 4-way Hurdle Drill: Introduce young athletes to this drill by jumping with both legs. Set up a box of four hurdles or cones. Height varies depending on ability level. Begin in the middle of the box and jump forward over the first cone, then back to the middle. Then, jump over the cone to the right, or clockwise, and back to the middle. Continue by jumping backward over the cone placed behind and return to the middle. Lastly, jump over the cone to the left and back to the middle. Immediately repeat the sequence but in a counterclockwise direction.

Let's keep our kids active and our families strong this week! See you next time with more active ideas for your athletes.